How to create onepage menu

Hi there,

First of all, import demo. Please read following link: http://webnus.biz/dox/risotto/#Demo

Every row owns an ID which is the same with the URL menu. For example : URL welcome is equal by #welcome

The ID row which you have designed is welcome.

Please follow below steps: 

1 - Click on row setting .

2- From row type , select type blox. ( optional  )

3 - In field add your desired row ID.

4 - Scroll down to Page option  > onepage menu and CHECK it.

5 - Click on save.

Please check below screen shot:

And update the page.

Now Please go to Appearance > menu

1 - Create a new menu for example onepage menu.

2- Add one custom link and put its url the same like ID row.

3 - Check Onepage Header Menu location

Please check below screen shot  : 

And I suggest you read the documentation accurately for more information.