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  • Maurice started the conversation

    I would like to know about the register for events button.  How do I edit that information as far as where the registration form goes.  Do I need to create a form that links to the events?  Or where is the actual form that is used from the demo content?  Finally, I don't want the register for even to show up on every event, only certain ones. I don't want people thinking they have to register for church

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    Support replied

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    To use Register Form

    You need to create your preferred form in Contact form 7.

    Then go to be appearance > Theme Options > Church Options > Booking, if you enable Event Booking, you can select the created contact form for the event, so it would display in front end for registering each event.

    To disable all the events registers, you can disable the event booking, but if you want to disable a specific event, you need to purchase the add-on.

    You can also use CSS to hide the register button 


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    Lateefah replied

    How do I view the registered attendees? This register event allows multiple registration with single email 

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    Support replied


    This is available in Pro Version of The Events Calendar Plugin