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  Public Ticket #1176037
Booking module - More tickets = 1 form


  • Pavel Kocourek started the conversation


    when somebody buy more tickets (for example 5) he must fill in next step 5 forms - Name, E-mail and other... 

    Is there any option how people can buy more tickets but fill only 1 form? Because on my events never happened that somebody could buy every tickets for different person...

    Thanks so much!

    My event site:

  •  1,338
    Support replied

    Hi Pavel, 

    The system is like, for example 5 people want to register for the event, and mostly admins want to have these 5 people information and not 1, in fact, when information of 1 is received, this means that admin doesn't know the name of the other 4 users or what is their email, they have no information about the 4 users. But we would add it for the next 4 version. Thank you for your feature request. 


  • Pavel Kocourek replied

    Yes, of course, it is logical. How I wrote before, because on my event people will buy more tickets on one person, so it is too difficult for them fill too much form. So In admin panel (Maybe in Booking form too - something like "All tickets buy on 1 person") it can show, that Person X bought 5 tickets and his / her informations. :-) It will be great that the feature will be in next 4 version... Thank you. MEC plugin is one of the best as far as Event plugins :-)

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    Support replied

    Dear Pavel,

    We are glad that you are happy with MEC. 

    Your kind words are appreciated.

    The feature would be added. Thanks


  • smooth replied

    Dear support,
    is it possible, that 1 person can order 2 and more different events in 1 order/form?

    The User would collect some different events in a kind of basket. So when he finished, he can buy all together.
    And/or: On the List view the user can check the events he wants to buy and then go to book/buy.
    Thank you!

  •  1,338
    Support replied

    Hi There,

    Please submit a separate ticket about this and do not mix multiple questions together. I'll close this one, your understanding and patience is highly appreciated.


  • smooth replied

    Sorry, for me it was the same issue. I will just delete the other question ...

  •  1,338
    Support replied


    Should you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket and ask us.

    We would close this ticket.