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Carousel nav errore


  • valerio started the conversation


    I can't see the carousel control like in the Demo.

    I control also the code whit "inspect element" e the code is different, what is the problem? why i don't see de dot? I add an attachment to be clear

    Attached files:  Cattura.PNG

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    Support replied

    Hi Valerio, 

    Thank you for contacting us

    Switch your time to default, and check to see if your theme has caused conflict. If the issue was solved, let us know the conflict was from the theme or not. Don't worry, we would fix it. 


  • valerio replied

    Hi !

    I set my time to default and i check that my theme don't causes the conflict. I would remind you the link to check the problem http://www.proteko.it/eventi/ . I wai t to  your answer, hoping a solution.

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    Support replied

    Dear Valerio, 

    Unfortunately there was a slight mistake in the previous ticket and it was supposed to be 'theme' instead of 'time'. Please try again and if it wasn't solved, give us your username and password so I can check.

    Deactivate all your plugins and let the MEC remain active only, set your theme on default, then reload the page, if the issue was solved, then activate your plugins one by one and your theme, refresh your page and check to see which plugin is causing the issue. Please let us know the results. 


  •   valerio replied privately
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    Support replied


    This is because of the owl carousel script, which we and your theme, both use this, you can wait, because we would change it in the next month and your issue would be fixed. Or you can ask your theme support to change it to fix your issue, we would definitely change it the next month.