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Event bookings


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    James started the conversation

    I am looking for a way to add bookings that accommodate disabled people or otherwise allow users to say they need special considerations when making the booking. For example if an event has capacity for 20 children, a disabled child would reduce the number of places available by 3 instead of 1. Is there any way to do something like this? 

    If not, is there any way for a customer to add a message when they make the booking, and a way for the event manager to manually reserve 2 tickets to reduce the remaining places available?

  • JP replied

    That would be a great feature addition.

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    Support replied

    Hi There,

    Welcome to our support forum; Our support team are eager and ready to respond you.

    In new update that will release today, some of your mentioned featured are added but please submit your requests here and if your request is already submitted, you can vote it. We would check them and the one with votes, would be selected to be included in the next updates. http://webnus.co/plugins/modern-events-calendar/suggestions/?meta=_avfr_votes