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Ordering Events


  • Bryce started the conversation

    I am trying to order my events in the daily view of the month calendar. I have repeating events for ongoing art exhibits at this gallery. We also have events that overlap those events but are only one time events. The best example of this on my calendar is Friday, September 28th 2018 (you'll have to go back one month). I have all the yellow labeled 'exhibits' but need the green labeled '4th Friday Art Shows' to be at the top of that list for the daily view once you click on Sep. 28. 

    I didn't know if those were controlled by timestamp of when they are entered or what but I need to be able to manipulate that in a way that's easy enough to explain to a content editor. 

    I appreciate your help in achieving this and/or providing a good alternative suggestion (workaround).

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    Support replied


    Thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately this option is not available.

    We would forward it to the developer team to be checked and if possible to be added in the next updates.

    Best Regards